Steve Hinds – Director

Steve is a project manager with over 18 years of experience and is responsible for managing sites from conception through to completion.  Steve negotiates budgets, establishes priorities and mitigates cost pressures.  Through effective management of staff, project teams and consultants he ensures that projects are completed within budget and according to plan.

Mark Pearce – Director

Mark is responsible for identifying opportunities, building partnerships and the arrangement of financing for development projects.  Mark has over 18 years experience in financial services and has worked for Standard & Poor’s and INVESCO Perpetual.  He has significant knowledge of the structured finance industry and with his experience he is well placed to provide detailed analyses on the property market and future trends.

Patricia Pearce – Company Lawyer

Patricia’s legal career spans over 25 years.  She has experience in residential conveyancing/commercial property transactions and also has a vast working knowledge of contentious contract and other litigation matters.

Philipa Watts – Marketing Manager

With over 16 years of marketing experience Philipa is well versed in presenting ideas and opportunities to potential investors.  Previously she worked at McGraw-Hill Financial and Exxon Mobil.  Her skill is creating awareness and support for projects that require investment.